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The Clydescapes Project

Greenock Waterfront at duskWestmillMedia's first publication was ‘Clydescapes’, a book of poems and images celebrating the Inverclyde area of Scotland. They captured aspects of Inverclyde’s rich heritage and its stunning physical landscapes and explored themes such as social and economic changes. The poems are by Scottish writer Iain Mills and the original bookimages came mostly from  members of the Inverclyde and Greenock Camera Clubs.

All profits from the Clydescapes book went to Inverclyde Hospice in Greenock. Here are two endorsement for 'Clydescapes':

‘Iain Mills has produced a fine book of poetry and photographs of the Inverclyde area. Looking through the pages has brought back many memories of Clydeside. I’m sure it will be read by many who know that part of the world. I highly recommend it’.
- Richard Wilson, Actor

‘The landscape is extraordinary – dramatic with its steep hillsides and its river but also domestic, with its rows of terrace houses. But it is the people who make it special...’
- Ken Loach, Film Director

Clydescapes on Twitter:

Iain Mills has continued the Clydescapes initiative on twitter - see @Clydescapes. He periodically posts images from the Clyde area accompanied by some lines of verse.


West Coast West Coast  is the second publication from Westmill Media and is available in Kindle download from Amazon. Like Clydescapes, this novel is a not-for-profit publication.